I get the feeling that you're going to be serious enough for the both of us.
Alex Phan to Jodi Mappa

Alex Phan[1] is a recurring character of Season 2 of Make It Pop. Freshman Alex Phan is a heartthrob with musical chops. He has been at school all along, but, over the holidays, had a growth spurt. Alex is also interested in fashion and wears incredibly cool clothes.


Alex is considered a very laid back or chill type of person because of the vibe. He is not the competitive type and hardworking only when it comes to music. He plays the keyboard. He will do anything to help out his friends whenever they are in need like when he gave his internship to Jodi or when he had "food poisoning " cancelled the concert his band was booked for and gave the venue to Jodi to hold her fashion show.

Alex is a trendsetter with musical chops and a member of L3. His stylish ways landed him a big fashion internship… and placed him in direct competition with Jodi! He isn’t too worried, though. For Alex the “vibe” is all that matters.



Jodi Mappa

Possible Former Crush/Friends
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Jalex (1)
Think, Alex is introduced. Alex attended English class all summer with Jodi in her class but there was no notice of Alex shown and Jodi didn't know who he was. He is the other intern and Jodi finds out she has to battle for her spot. She becomes competitive and tries to make sure he doesn't win.

But, he often leaves because he has to do "vibeing" and go to yoga classes. Jodi and Alex split half of the store to work with but when Alex returns and so as Hye Jung thinks Alex did all the work (Jodi's side).

Jodi is shocked and wants to bring the competition on and Alex thinks they shouldn't fight as he needs to work with her to make the store fine.

In Robomania, Jodi doesn't have enough time to spend with Caleb because of the internship so she tries to take a day off, but at the end, Alex calls Jodi back to the store and Jodi and Alex exchange phone numbers.

To show his compassion, in Potato Power, he offered to help Jodi clean up the disaster in the Hye Jung Ko shop and ends up taking the blame in the end giving Jodi the internship.

Corki Chang

Good Friends/Possible Crush

In It's A Twin Thing, Corki found Alex in a supply closet. When she found out that Alex was practising, she told him to sign up for a band and about Band Blast. Alex asked Corki for advice, showing that he values her opinion. In the Misfits music video, they were holding hands, which means that Corki felt comfortable around Alex. Corki had also helped Alex get accepted into Linc's band, showing that she cares about Alex's feelings.that was the first time they showed that they care about each other. In excess baggage Alex shows that he cares about corki by asking her if she's okay after her break up with Jared and makes sure she is okay. in Im-prom-tu after corki breaks the band blass trophy Alex tells corki that that is not her fault because breakups are hard. Later Alex asked Corki if she wanted to go to prom with him as friends. Corki asked Alex if she could think about it Alex tell her that of cores then Alex makes Corki laugh and Jared gets jealous. later on in that same episode corki and Alex go to find prom decorations Jared is spying on them he gets jealous when Alex makes Corki laugh again they seem kind of nervous around each other but they have a great time. Later that same day Alex and Corki go to prom together and share a cute slow dance Corki see tha Jared is sad and lonely Alex tells Corki to go dance with him especially because it's Jared last prom this shows that Alex cares about Corki


Hello... hello?
Jodi Mappa. We know each other.
Mackendrick Prep. I was in your English class.
That hurts... but you’re forgiven. I had a growth spurt over the holiday, and... my folks finally let me do this. Cool, right?
Arghhh! Traffic. Was she mad? What did she say? I want this gig. I could be a designer. They live like rock stars. And all their friends are models. And they can make free pants whenever they need new pants. Why are you here?
Wow. You’ve really thought about this, huh?
Look, Jodi, I have a thing. It’s kind of important. Can you cover for me? Thanks, I’ll make it up to you.
This is fantastic. It all looks...great...
We did good.
I think we inspire each other, Jodi. Bring out the best...
Yes. Ms. Jung. Good to finally meet you. Well? How do you like it?
Take it in...
It just came to us. We let ourselves be free.
Whoa! She loves us. This fashion thing is not that hard.
It's called teamwork


  • He is roommates with Darmala.
  • He was an intern for Hye Jung Ko, but got fired after taking the blame for Caleb and Jodi.
  • Him and Darmala's grandfathers are friends, as seen in Fashion 911.
  • He wakes Darmala up every morning doing Yoga.
  • He was supposed to send in L3's submission to Band Blast, but got Darmala to do it three days later.


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