Alex and Corki is the friendship/romantic pairing of Alex and Corki in Make It Pop.


  • Corlex (Corki/Alex)
  • Calex (Corki/Alex)
  • Corkex (Corki/Alex)


Season 2

It's a Twin Thing 

  • Corki finds Alex in a supply closet practicing.
  • Corki tells him to sign up for a band.
  • Corki tells him about Band Blast.
  • Alex asks Corki for advice.
  • Corki asks Alex to show her his music because she wants to know what she has to work with.
  • In the Misfits music video, they were holding hands.
  • Corki helped Alex get accepted into Linc's band.

Fashion 911

  • Corki sees Alex and tries hiding from him and tells Jodi he is coming her way
  • Corki asks Alex if he can move his piano recital for Jodi's fashion show.

Band Blast Off

  • Corki and Alex were given the role to sing lead for their performance later that night.
  • Corki and Alex sang together as the main lead singers.


  • Alex asked Corki to go to prom with him as "fake friends".
  • Alex and Corki go out to find prom decorations.
  • Corki tells him that she feels weird about her breakup with Jared.
  • Alex comforts her.
  • Corki and Alex slow dance at prom.
  • Corki sees Jared all by himself and Alex tells her to go to him.
  • Corki asked if he was sure, but Alex was sure and didn't mind.

Similarities and Differences


  • They both have a passion for music.
  • They are both good friends with Jodi.
  • They both play an instrument.
  • Both kind of have a passion for fashion.


  • Corki is in XO-IQ; Alex is in L3.
  • Alex is a male, while Corki is a female.
  • Corki's hair is not dyed while Alex's is dyed blonde.
  • Alex plays the keyboard and Corki plays the violin.


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