Caleb and Corki is a friendship pairing between Caleb Davis and Corki Chang in Make It PopCorki met Caleb in Duet.


Caleb and Corki are good friends. They have never had a direct conversation with each other, often seeing each other in rehearsals at the roller rink with her friends, but are still friendly to each other.

They are classified as acquaintances instead of friends, and are in a pop group together. 


  • Caki ( Caleb/Corki )
  • Corleb (Cor/ki and Ca/leb)



  • Caleb saw the video of Spotlightz.
  • Caleb loved the video.
  • They met for the first time.
  • Corki is worried about Caleb.
  • Caleb explained to Corki about how he drank coffee for the first time.
  • Caleb talked to Corki in the auditorium with Jared Anderson.


  • For the Think Fest, Caleb helped Corki with her robot.
  • Caleb hands Corki the controller for her robot
  • Robot catches fire and Caleb "comforts" her
  • After a few adjustments Corki and Caleb debut Chip to the school with his dance moves
  • Caleb and Corki awkwardly watch Jared embarrasses himself dancing.

Similarities and Differences



  • Caleb has blonde hair, Corki has brown hair.
  • Caleb is a boy, Corki is a girl.
  • Caleb has blue eyes, Corki has brown eyes.


Caleb: Hi! I'm Caleb, Davis. Who are you? I mean, we should know each other.
Corki: I'm Corki. Are you okay? You seem nervous.
Caleb: Me? No, I'm fine. I also just drank coffee for the first time. Listen, I just binge-watched your online video. You and your friends are talented! I'm a DJ. Your voices, my beats, we could be unstoppable.
Corki: I'm here to focus on my schoolwork.
Caleb: But, you have plenty of time to study for school. Five, six years in some cases. This music is now.
Corki: Its-- very catchy.
Caleb: Exactly! I mean, with the right voices this song could be number one! I'll think about it.
Caleb: Corki!
Jared: Excuse us! She was listening to me.
Caleb: Okay, but this is important. You really need to reconsider that thing with Sun Hi.
Corki: Uh, what thing? There's no thing.
Caleb: But there could be a thing! There should be a thing! You have to apologize.
Corki: Even if I wanted to, all Sun Hi cares about is herself. I could never talk her into anything.


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