Caleb and Sun Hi is a friendship pairing between Sun Hi Song and Caleb Davis in Make It PopThey first met in Duet.


  • Cunhi (C/aleb and S/un Hi )
  • Saleb (S/un Hi and C/aleb)
  • Sunleb (Sun Hi and Ca/leb)


Rumors & Roomates

  • Caleb and Sun Hi meet for the first time.
  • Sun Hi asks Corki and Jodi if he can be the DJ.

Failed Dreams

  • Sun Hi said she would almost kiss Caleb and Caleb said " Umm.. thanks!" but she reminded him that she said "Almost".

I Am Genius

  • Caleb hugs Sun Hi.

Season 2

Fashion 911

Similarities and Differences


  • They both have had imagination sequences: Caleb had one, which was Do It, and Sun Hi had one, which was Now I Am Here.
  • Both are in XO-IQ.
  • Both are friends with Jodi and Corki.
  • They both are Students at Meckendric Prep.
  • They both reside in Canada


  • Sun Hi's original hair color was brown, now its pink, while Caleb's hair is blonde.
  • Sun Hi is a girl, but Caleb is a boy.
  • Caleb was Jodi's boyfriend, Sun Hi is Linc's girlfriend.
  • Sun Hi has highlights, Caleb doesn't.
  • Caleb makes music while Sun Hi dances and sings.
  • Sun Hi has dyed her hair, Caleb has not.
  • Sun Hi is from Korea, Caleb is not.
  • Sun Hi has brown eyes, Caleb has blue


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