Ryker's Rink and later renamed Club Ry Ri is a major location in Make It Pop.

Caleb Davis currently works here, and is hired as the custodian by Randy, the owner of the rink.


Season 1

Caleb got a job there from Valerie and Heather, who were actually trying to embarrass and make fun of him.

In Rumors & Roommates, he discovered that there's an old, abandoned stage behind the walls when he breaks a hole by accident.

In Failed Dreams, Caleb turns the rink into a club where the girls can perform and rehearse at. Caleb used the new "Club Ry-Ri" to hold a "secret homecoming" without Ms. Diona's or Mr. Stark's knowledge.

Mackendrick Prep's new play, Hunting Dorothy, had an encore song performed by XO-IQ, which marks the last song of Season 1.

Season 2

In The Gift, XO-IQ had their last performance together as a band and performed, Jing, Jing, Jingle. At the end of the episode, Mr. Chang wanted Corki to focus on her studies and telling her no band. This currently means Club Ry-Ri could be closed and Caleb will be fired.

Well heads up in the end of the episode Potato Power, XO-IQ reunites and Club Ry-Ri saved, in season 2 after the reunion of XO-IQ, the first song played is You Make It Better


Caleb: Hello? How did you know I wanted a job? Oh yes, the sign would give it away. Yes, I'm looking for a job. Preferably something that can utilize my song writing skills and sensitive artistic nature. Custodian? I'll take it. Thank you. Yes! This place has killer sound. Oh. Whoa! What is this? Oh, yes sir those salt shakers are family heirlooms, right and I will be sure to fix that tinsy little bit of wall damage. Don't you worry. Noted. You don't worry. I worry. Anyone who practices slow motion walking is definitely not cute. You're unbelievable. Thank you! I enjoy your company too.
Caleb: Hello? I will keep an eye on the place. See you when you get back! Yes sir, the hole is still in the wall. No, no, no, no. I can fix it! Hello? Kay. Now this I can work with. Give it up for the next pop sensation, Caleb's band! Hello? Oh, sir! No, no, I know the hole has gotten bigger, but I'll fix it. I promise. He-- hello? Oh, okay.



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