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Corki, Jodi and Sun Hi is the friendship pairing/relationship between Corki Chang, Jodi Mappa and Sun Hi Song in Make It Pop.


  • Hidiki (Sun Hi/Jodi/Corki)
  • Cordisu (Corki/Jodi/Sun Hi)
  • Junki (Jodi/Sun Hi/Corki)
  • Sordi (Sun Hi/Corki/Jodi)


In Season 1, they have all started their first semester at Mackendrick Prep. But crushes Caleb and Jared, mean girls Valerie and Heather, and a cursed school play make their relationship tough. Plus, the girls (along with Caleb) are in a pop band, XO IQ.

In Season 2,The girls have gone their own ways ;Sun Hi is looking for other members to have a band, Jodi is focusing on her internship, and trying to beat Alex, Corki is building Chip Chip, a robot to help her win Think-Fest and get back together with XO IQ.


The following is a set a moments in each episode in Make It Pop.

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Season 1

Rumors & Roommates

  • Sun Hi and Jodi first meet.
  • Sun Hi and Jodi next to each other during the assembly.
  • Jodi was in Sun Hi's imagination.
  • Sun Hi wants Jodi to talk to her.
  • Sun Hi is interested in Jodi's clothes.
  • Sun Hi asked who dresses Jodi.
  • Jodi asked what is a Sun Hi Nation.
  • Jodi calms Sun Hi down when the securities came in their room.
  • They are both curious to find out who Corki is.
  • Sun Hi and Jodi went out at night just to find out who Corki is.
  • They hid in Caleb's locker.
  • They are both stuck in the locker.
  • Sun Hi used Jodi's head as a pillow.
  • Sun Hi pulled up Corki's hat.
  • Sun Hi, Corki and Jodi performed Spotlightz together.
  • Sun Hi said they sounded good together.


  • After Corki told Ms. Diona about the video, she and Sun Hi fought a lot.
  • Sun Hi and Jodi got warned that they will be kicked out.
  • Jodi and Sun Hi go to the science lab to rehearse because no one was in there until they realized Corki was in there studying.
  • Jodi and Sun Hi decide to stay in there even though Corki was in there. 
  • Jodi and Sun Hi want to be in the band but Corki does not.
  • Sun Hi, Corki and Jodi sang My Girls to patch up their relationship.
  • Corki asked Jodi if Sun Hi was alright.
  • They wouldn't talk to each other so they used Jodi to communicate.
  • Jodi asked Corki to try out her dress.
  • Corki finally says she wants to be in the music group with them.
  • Sun Hi told Corki that they are supposed to share things as a roommate.
  • Jodi said that screaming is normal for Sun Hi.
  • Sun Hi expects Jodi to be on her side on every roommate fight they have since she met Jodi first.
  • Sun Hi used all of Corki's very expensive perfume.
  • They were invited to see Ryker's Rink
  • They were very upset when Caleb lied about having a club.
  • Sun Hi, Corki and Jodi performed Do It together in Caleb's imagination.
  • Jodi, Sun Hi and Corki leave when they noticed that Caleb does not have any power of the skate rink.

Failed Dreams

  • They were impressed by how amazing the club looks after Caleb overhauls it.
  • Sun Hi, Corki and Jodi wanted to audition for the play as a trio.
  • Corki told Sun Hi and Jodi that there is going to be a math test.
  • Corki told Sun Hi and Jodi that they were wrong for thinking that the test is next week.
  • They performed Get It Right together.
  • Sun Hi, Corki and Jodi got their test results back.
  • Corki told Sun Hi and Jodi that they could retake the test.
  • Jodi went back to get Sun Hi's and Corki's costume.
  • They performed Party Tonight at rehearsal together.

Stolen Moves

  • Jodi told Corki if she feels like adding anything, she is allowed to.
  • Jodi told Corki not to be shy.
  • Sun Hi questions Jodi why she stole the Spirit Squad's moves.
  • Sun Hi and Jodi and Corki all want to prove that Valerie stole their moves.
  • Sun Hi tries to find out more about Corki.
  • They fought over Sun Hi's laptop.
  • Sun Hi was searching up "Corki Chang" on the internet.
  • Corki lets go the laptop and Sun Hi fell over.
  • Sun Hi wore Corki's shoes.
  • Sun Hi tries to get a DNA sample from Corki.
  • Sun Hi pulled out one of Corki's hair strands.
  • Sun Hi is unsure if Corki was on their side.
    Stolen Moves3
  • Corki handed Sun Hi the charger.
  • Corki said the explosion was an accident, to not make Sun Hi and Jodi feel bad.
  • Sun Hi and Jodi hugged Corki after she proved Valerie stole her moves from Jodi.

I Can't Hear Me

  • Sun Hi, Corki and Jodi performed Make It Pop in Sun Hi's imagination.
  • Corki and Jodi freak out when Sun Hi lost her voice.
  • Jodi and Corki took Sun Hi to the doctor.
  • Corki and Jodi were worried about Sun Hi.
  • Sun Hi is disappointed when she is not able to perform with Jodi and Corki like she was supposed to.
  • Corki speaks for Sun Hi for almost the entire episode.
  • Sun Hi, Jodi and Corki performed Light It Up together.


  • Corki, Sun Hi and Jodi were waiting for Caleb outside Ms. Diona's office.
  • Sun Hi was surprised when she saw that Corki (Masked Girl) already had a fanpage.
  • Sun Hi and Jodi was shocked when Corki became Valerie Graves's and Heather Duncan's friend.
  • Jodi and Sun Hi performed The Rules together.
  • Corki, Sun Hi And Jodi23
    Jodi and Corki got into a fight because Corki wanted to change Jodi's dress color.
  • Sun Hi and Corki seemed shocked and surprised when Jodi wants to ask Caleb to the dance.
  • Corki apologized with Sun Hi and Jodi for choose Heather and Valerie instead them.
  • Jodi and Sun Hi forgave her.
  • Corki, Sun Hi and Jodi performed Friday Night together.
  • Sun Hi took a picture of Corki with the mask.

The Situation

  • Jodi,Sun Hi and Corki) were forced to share a room with Valerie and Heather.
    Party Tonight (1)
  • Corki and Jodi helped Sun Hi retrieve her phone.
  • Sun Hi, Jodi and Corki performed Party Tonight together.
  • Corki, Sun Hi and Jodi performed Luv Em Boys as a rehearsal together.
  • Jodi and Sun Hi both protected Corki from Jared.

The Campaign

  • Sun Hi and Jodi helped Corki run for homecoming queen.
  • Sun Hi became Corki's campaign manager.
  • Jodi,Sun Hi and Corki performed Let's Make a Change live.
  • Corki, Jodi and Sun Hi performed What Love Is About live.

I Am Genius

  • Corki reminded Sun Hi and Jodi that they have a aptitude test coming up.
  • Sun Hi mistaken "aptitude" for "attitude" and Corki explains it to her
  • Jodi and Corki are shocked that Sun Hi is a certified genius.
  • Jodi, Corki and Sun Hi performed How I'm Made in  Sun Hi's imagination.
  • Corki and Jodi were upset that Sun Hi was leaving Mackendrick Prep.
  • The dress that Jodi made for Corki to wear to the homecoming dissapear and Corki thinks that Jodi took the dress to herself.
  • Sun Hi tried to help Corki and Jodi make up by singing My Girls, but failed.


  • Sun Hi, Corki and Jodi performed Girls @ together in Sun Hi's imagination.
  • They attended to Homecoming.
  • Corki wore the dress that Jodi made for her to wear on homecoming night.
  • Corki gave the dress, made from Jodi's favorite designer and idol, Hye Jung Ko for her to wear.
  • Jodi helped Sun Hi to get Mr Stark attention to perform Do You Know My Name

Similarities and Differences


  • Corki and Sun Hi are both supposedly geniuses.
  • They attend Mackendrick Prep.
  • They are all in XO-IQ together.
  • They are Best Friends.
  • They live in the same room.
  • They were cast in the new version of The Wonderful Wizard of OzHunting Dorothy.
  • They are close friends with Caleb.
  • They have brown eyes.
  • Jodi and Corki don't like the spotlight as much as Sun Hi Song does.
  • They all are singers.
  • All 3's names end with 'I'


  • Sun Hi just wants a band, Jodi wants to focus on fashion, and Corki thinks she needs to focuse of being smarter to win Think Fest.
  • Corki has long hair, Sun Hi and Jodi have short hair.
  • Corki has broken up with Jared, Jodi has broken up with Caleb and Sun Hi is dating Linc.
  • Corki takes everything very literally, Sun Hi and Jodi do not.
  • Sun Hi has been kicked out of different seven schools; Jodi and Corki have not.
  • Sun has pink hair, Jodi has black hair streaked blue, Corki has brown hair.
  • Sun Hi has had 4 kisses, Jodi has had 2, Corki has 1.


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