Dreams do come true!
—Mr. Stark to Ms. Diona
Dreams[1] is the nineteenth episode of Season 1 of Make It Pop. The episode aired on April 30, 2015.


The girls must battle Valerie and the Spirit Squad to regain control over the play. Meanwhile, Sun Hi tries to persuade Mr. Stark to provide assistance with the musical

Episode Summary

Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki and Caleb continue to make plans to remove Valerie and her cheer leading spirit squad from the school play. Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki and Caleb want to take charge of the school play's production. Valerie tries to put on her version of the school play with pink costumes, which she wants Jared to star in. Mr. Stark returns from his Broadway show audition in New York. Jared makes a choice about which play he wants to do. Sun Hi writes a new script for a better version of the school play to which everyone including Valerie agrees to. Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki, Caleb Jared, Valerie, Dylan and Mr. Stark worked all day and night to complete the school play's production, costumes, music and rehearsals. Sun Hi, Jodi and Corki dream about the school play and worry whether or not everyone will like it. Everything about the school play is ready for the opening night, and the curtain is about to open.


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  • This is the penultimate (or the second to last) episode of the season.
  • For every album that was released every week during Season 1, each episode will play a song from that album of that week. The song Girls @ was supposed to debut, but it was replaced by Do It instead.


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