Me? No, I'm fine. I also just drank coffee for the first time. Listen, I just binge-watched your online video. You and your friends are talented! I'm a DJ. Your voices, my beats, we could be unstoppable.
Caleb to Corki

"Duet" is the second episode and the second episode overall in Season 1 of Make It Pop. This episode premiered to 1.3[1] million viewers (US).


Corki has grievances about her roommates, and she addresses them with the principal, much to Sun Hi's chagrin. Meanwhile, Sun Hi looks for a rehearsal spot; and Caleb suggests that he and the gals form a group


Sun Hi creates a band to launch her plan for pop music world domination, but Corki won’t join in case it jeopardizes her schoolwork or her secret. Meanwhile, Caleb finds a place they can perform, but it needs a lot of work. He tells the girls about the roller rink and that the girls can perform there. The girls, not knowing Caleb was finished or even started making the stage, go to the roller rink, find nothing and get mad at Caleb.

Episode Summary

Corki is still mad at Sun Hi for posting the video of them singing. She asks the principal, Ms. Diona, if she can have a single room. Ms. Diona then confronts Jodi and Sun Hi and tells them that they need to get along or they will be kicked out of Mackendrick Prep. Corki meets Caleb, who tells her that he saw the video of the girls singing so he tries to convince them to become a band and sing for their fans, who loved the video. Corki tells him that she is more interested in her education and does not have time to be in a band. Corki turns to walk away, but bumps into Jared. Jared tells her that he also saw the video and that she is great at playing the violin. He tells her to try out for the orchestra and she leaves. Meanwhile, Caleb is at the roller rink when he gets a call from his boss saying the he (his boss) will be going out for a while so Caleb is in charge, as well as fixing the wall. Instead of fixing the wall, Caleb rips off more pieces and discovers the back of the stage. He then performs Do It in his imagination as DJ, with Jodi, Corki and Sun Hi singing. Jodi and Sun Hi go to the science lab to rehearse because no one was in there until they realized Corki was in there studying. They decide to stay anyway, telling Corki 'Don't bother us, and we won't bother you'. Caleb walks by and overhears Jodi and Sun Hi rehearsing Now I Am Here and says that he, Jodi, Sun Hi, and Corki should all be in a band together. Sun Hi and Jodi agree, but Corki declines. Ms. Diona walks in and restricts the 'band' from rehearsing in the school. Later, Jared walks in on Corki playing the violin and starts to clap, she says "Oh, sorry I didn't know anyone else was here." He tells her that she is great and encourages her to try out for orchestra. Caleb then walks in and tells her to apologize to Sun Hi and Jodi so that they can start their music group. Corki tells him again that she is more focused on her education and does not have time to be in a music group. The next day it shows Corki, Sun Hi, and Jodi in the bathroom talking to each other and they end up apologizing to each other by singing My Girls. Corki finally says she wants to be in the music group with them. They end up meeting up with Caleb and they tell him they want to start the music group after all but there's just one problem, they have nowhere to rehearse. Caleb tells them that he is the manager of the roller rink, as well as telling them that he was changing it into a teen dance club. When Jodi, Sun Hi, and Corki get there he finally tells them that he actually has no power over the roller rink, which was still just a nearly abandoned roller rink. Jodi, Sun Hi and Corki leave while Jodi says "Way to wreck the dream."

Songs Featured


Sun Hi: I don't understand why Corki had a meltdown from this. It's exactly what I need to launch my plan for pop music world domination. Uh! She's so selfish!
Jodi: Maybe you should've asked her before you posted our video online.
Sun Hi: Do you think she's running away from someone? Or in the witness protection program? Or on the run from the law for robbing a goodie-two-shoes store!
Jodi: Or she just doesn't like the spotlight.
Sun Hi: Now you're just being ridiculous. Anyway, it's her loss. If Corki doesn't want to be in our soon-to-be world famous band, she just won't get to ride in our private jet.
Jodi: We don't have a private jet.
Sun Hi: If you keep saying stuff like that, you won't get to ride in it either.
Sun Hi: I'll keep all of you updated on our next tour.
Jodi: We've never toured. How could there be a next one?
Sun Hi: Details!
Ms. Diona: Ladies, I am very disappointed to learn that Miss Chang has requested a single room.
Sun Hi: Oh you have single rooms! I want one!
Ms. Diona: My point is, she is staying here, and if I hear any more complaints, beyond this feather situation I have now added to this room's complaint list, I will make sure this becomes a single! Got it!?
Sun Hi: I thought you didn't have any singles?
Jodi: I think she's saying we'll be kicked out.
Caleb: Hi! I'm Caleb, Davis. Who are you? I mean, we should know each other.
Corki: I'm Corki. Are you okay? You seem nervous.
Caleb: Me? No, I'm fine. I also just drank coffee for the first time. Listen, I just binge-watched your online video. You and your friends are talented! I'm a DJ. Your voices, my beats, we could be unstoppable.
Corki: I'm here to focus on my schoolwork.
Caleb: But, you have plenty of time to study for school. Five, six years in some cases. This music is now.
Corki: Its-- very catchy.
Caleb: Exactly! I mean, with the right voices this song could be number one!
Corki: I'll think about it. I'm so sorry!
Jared: Don't be. Rock solid. Jared Anderson, senior class president. And you are?
Corki: I'm Corki Chang.
Jared: Are you the girl in that pillow-fighting video?
Corki: That was a mistake.
Jared: A lucky one. You play that fiddle great.
Corki: I think you mean I play the violin well?
Jared: Multi-instruments, I'm impressed. You should be in the orchestra. I could put in a word for you. I'm planning on being the lead in the school play this year. People wanna pay to see this profile.
Corki: I have to get to class.
Caleb: Hello? I will keep an eye on the place. See you when you get back! Yes sir, the hole is still in the wall. No, no, no, no. I can fix it! Hello? Kay. Now this I can work with. Give it up for the next pop sensation, Caleb's band!
Jodi: This is a biology lab.
Sun Hi: Perfect, right!? Nobody wants to be here. We'll have it all to ourselves.
Corki: Could you guys keep it down please? I'm actually studying.
Sun Hi: Great, she's stalking me.
Corki: Your imagination goes beyond your delusions of grandeur.
Sun Hi: Yes, it does. Wait, what does that mean?
Jodi: You don't wanna know.
Sun Hi: Look, Corki, we need a place to rehearse, and this is the only place that was empty.
Corki: Well I need a place to study the principles of microbiology and cellular respiration.
Jodi: And you have to do that in a lab?
Sun Hi: Come on Jodi, let's rehearse. Don't bother us, and we won't bother you.


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  • Corki befriends Sun Hi and Jodi.
  • The music playing on Caleb's headphones when he meets Corki is the music of Make It Pop.


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