Jacqueline Erika Tham (born on December 15, 1999) is a Singaporean-Canadian actress, best known for her role as Corki Chang on Make It Pop.

She is the youngest in her year group and is a year ahead in school. Erika Tham has also played the guitar since she was 7.


At only 15 years of age, Erika has lived in seven different countries all the while attending prestigious IB International schools. Having always loved performing, Erika also attended Stagedoor Manor in New York as well as ISTA in Australia and Beijing. In 2014, she decided to pursue an acting career. Corki Chang' in 'Make it Pop' was her second ever professional audition.

Her heritage is as diverse as her overseas experiences are broad. Having a father who is Chinese-Malaysian and a mother who is Dutch, Ukrainian-Canadian, Erika has developed a maturity and global awareness rarely seen in others her age, as well as a love and appreciation for all cultures and all heritages. Tom Lynch describes Erika as follows, "Erika carries herself in an ethereal manner, It is at one point sophisticated and another, innocent. I have no idea how she does it (...) but it shines on TV."

Nurtured by her unique worldly upbringing, adapting to and flourishing in new environments is what Erika does effortlessly.


Make It Pop was one of my first auditions! Last year I decided to start pursuing an acting career and I sent in a self-tape for the role of Corki.
—Erika Tham during an interview
I’m so happy to be apart of the Nickelodeon family! Everyone I’ve met from the nickelodeon team has been so knowledgeable about the industry and so kind, welcoming and energetic. Growing up, Nickelodeon was one of the few networks that played in every country I’ve lived in and so I’ve loved and enjoyed it for so long. It’s such an honor to get to work on a network that is so highly respected and also loved by so many kids around the world.
—Erika Tham during an interview
Working on Make It Pop is such a joy. I’ve always loved to sing and dance and getting to be on a show that combines singing, dancing and acting in such a unique and entertaining way is such a privilege. I play Corki Chang on Make It Pop. Corki has lived a very sheltered life (we find out why later on in the show!) and therefore hasn’t experienced a lot of normal teenage girl things like having to deal with cliques, boys etc. Corki is very girly, sophisticated and smart and her naivety brings a lot of humor to the show. She is so fun to play and it’s so great getting to work with the rest of the cast! We’ve really become a family.
—Erika Tham during an interview
I think that like Corki, I can also be very girly at times. We share a love of performing and a love for our friends. Corki finds herself in a new environment, as do I. For her it is a new school and for me it is living in a North American country for the first time.
—Erika Tham during an interview
Yes, it’s true! Every country has been so different it’s hard to choose! I loved living in China; the culture there is so exciting and the juxtaposition between the modern and the historic is amazing! Bangkok is also great; it’s so unique to be so close to both the beaches and the city! Overall, I don’t think I could pick one country as each place holds such special childhood memories.
—Erika Tham during an interview
Everything Drake! I love his new album, If You’re Reading This Its Too Late, and it’s always great to hear someone repping Toronto (growing up I spent many summers in London Ontario and Toronto, since my Mom is from London Ontario).
—Erika Tham during an interview
Yes, I will be! I definitely don’t want to miss SBTRKT and Marina and the Diamonds, but there are so many artists there that I’ve always loved and wanted to see live.
—Erika Tham during an interview
Yes, that’s true. I’ve always loved fashion and the fashion industry. I don’t have a line name planned out yet but I hope to have a design aesthetic that will reflect all that I love about fashion.
—Erika Tham during an interview
Erika: Megan actually found this one out about me this morning! My first name is actually Jacqueline, Erika is my middle name. I feel like Erika suits me more, so everyone calls me Erika. So my full name is Jacqueline Erika Tham.
Megan: Jacqueline does suit you too.
Erika: Thanks! I feel like Jacqueline is very regal, so thank you [chuckles].
—Erika Tham and Megan Lee during an interview


  • Her Instagram is @erikatham.
  • Her Twitter is @erikatham.
  • She started pursuing her acting career last year. 
  • Erika has lived in 7 different countries including China.
  • She currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand and visits Toronto, LA and New York City often.
  • Her favorite childhood toy was a stuffed dog. [1]
  • She has two pets. They are white poodles and are named Pava and Lova.
  • Her favorite color from a 64 pack of crayons is Blue Lagoon.[2]
  • Her favorite thing to do in the summer is to go to the beach.[3]
  • Her favorite thing to do in the winter is to go ice-skating.[4]
  • Her favorite superhero is Iron Man.[5]
  • She has loved acting ever since she was in kindergarten.[6]
  • Her most unique injury was when she decided to flip on poles and let go of the pole, landing on her face.[7]
  • She does drama in high school.[8]
  • Her favorite pizza toppings are feta cheese and artichokes. [9]
  • Her favorite food is brie cheese, and she always snacks on it during breaks on set. [10]
  • If she were to be any animal, it would be a dolphin.[11]
  • Her advice for aspiring actors is to go for it and to try again even if you mess up.[12]
  • The best book she has ever read is the first book of the Harry Potter series, The Sorcerer's Stone.[13]
  • Her most embarrassing moment on set was when she banged her head on a door after trying to use the knob.
  • If she were to move and only take three things they would be facewash, a phone, and a phone charger.[14]
  • She usually plays the cello, but in Make it Pop she plays the violin.
  • In a Q&A, her favorite Jorki moment is the promposal.
  • Erika would consider Natalie Ganzhorn like a sister to her (source: Instagram).
  • One of her favorite episodes from Season 2 is It's a Twin Thing.[15]
  • She would love to have her own clothing line one day.[16]
  • In an interview, Erika tells everyone that her real name is actually Jacqueline.[17]
  • Erika had attended the Nickelodeon world premiere of the TMNT 2 movie in NYC.
  • Erika has attend the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards twice in a row so far.


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