Hye Jung Ko is a minor character in Make It Pop. She's a very famous fashion designer and a reappearing minor character. Hye Jung has been mentioned many times as Jodi's fashion idol and designer before her first official appearance.

She is portrayed by Tina Jung.


Hye Jung is a fashion designer. She is Jodi's idol.

She appeared in two episodes of Season 1 and has been mentioned several times before her actual debut. Her debut was in Fashion Truck.


She is shown to be very busy, being a famous designer; she is also very kind, as she was looking for Jodi so she could return her sketchbook.

Physical Appearance

She is a Korean lady, with brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears clothes from her own fashion line. She also looks like an older version of sun-hi.

Clothing Line

Hye Jung Ko has her own fashion line. The clothing seem to be extremely expensive.

One of the dresses she designed was shown in Homecoming; Corki gave it to Jodi. 


Season 1

Season 2


  • She is Jodi's idol.
  • Corki's dad, Mr. Chang, owns her company's fashion truck.
  • Jodi loves her clothes, but often can't afford them due to the clothes' high quality and high prices.
  • She took credit for Jodi's outfits for the fashion show.