I'm sorry Ms. Diona. It was- It was all me.
—Caleb taking the blame.
I Can't Hear Me [1] is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Make It Pop. The episode aired on April 10, 2015. It aired to 1.41[2] million viewers.


When Sun Hi loses her voice, XO-IQ tries to work out a show scheduling conflict; Jared tries to get Mr. Stark to change the school play; Caleb spreads the word about the XO-IQ concert.

Episode Summary

It’s the band’s debut at Club Ry Ri, but there is a mandatory opening football game. They try to get people to come to come but they're not getting a lot of responses. Sun Hi loses her voice, but Sun Hi's encourages them to have the show go on. Having a small turnout they will perform anyway. Caleb waiting outside hoping more people will come, the whole school came to Club Ry Ri because they're quarterback sprain his ankle and they had to forfeit. With the entire club filled Corki is too afraid to go on without a disguise knowing that people will recognize her, so Jodi got her a mask. Jodi and Corki are about to go on stage and Sun Hi wishes them luck. Being afraid that Sun Hi couldn't perform with her friends her voice returns and they performed together. Ms. Diona came to end the concert and asked everyone to leave the club. She asked who is responsible and Caleb takes the blame.


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  • Valerie is seen for the first time without Heather Duncan.
  • XO-IQ had their first concert.
  • Jared twisted his ankle.
  • Caleb took the blame for Sun Hi, Jodi, and Corki.
  • The football game got canceled and Mackendrick Prep forfeited.
  • It is revealed that most of Sun Hi's family is from Maryland, and she has an aunt in New Jersey.
  • XO-IQ's first concert was also illegal and found out by their principal.


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