Jodi Street Couture is a fashion line created by Jodi Mappa.


Jodi Street Couture is a fashion line created by Jodi. The clothes are really bold, colorful, and unique. XO-IQ usually wears clothes from this line. Her line is most likely to be inspired by her favorite fashion designer and idol, Hye Jung Ko.

Critical Reception

  • Ms. Diona said that her outfit goes beyond the school dress code, but Jodi took it as a compliment.
  • Sun Hi loved her outfits and wanted to record Jodi talking about her outfits. Also, in her selfie, she said that Corki and Sun Hi would go to her for the outfits.
  • Her idol, Hye Jung Ko, loved her designs and even offered her an internship.
  • In The Campaign, Corki said she loved the dress Jodi made.
  • In Homecoming, Jared said that Corki looked beautiful in the dress Jodi made, implying he liked the outfits.
  • In Jodi's dream in Dreams, Valerie is shown hating the clothes, and Jodi felt disappointed.