The following are the locations featured on the series, Make It Pop.

Mackendrick Prep

Mackendrick Prep is a preparatory school where Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki Chang, and Caleb goes to. Ms. Diona is the principal of the school. Mr. Stark is the head of the preforming arts department and the residential adviser. The school's mascot is the beagle.
Mackendrick Prep

Ryker's Rink

Ryker's Rink is a roller rink where Caleb works. He was hired as the janitor. Caleb's boss is Randy, who was never shown in person,
Roller Rink
only as a silhouette. In Failed Dreams, Caleb turned the rink into a club and renamed it Club Ry Ri. XO-IQ had their first performance there in I Can't Hear Me. They also performed Dan after party in Heart, Courage, Brains.