Louriza Tronco (born October 21, 1993) is a Canadian actress and singer who is best known for her starring role as Jodi Mappa in the Nickelodeon musical-comedy sitcom Make It Pop and for portraying Yuki (sidekick) in the Disney Channel original movie, Zapped. She also played Andrea in Night at the Museum : Secret of the Tomb.


Raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Louriza Tronco landed her very first professional theatre gig at the age of eight with Rainbow Stage's production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" as part of the children's choir. From there she explored musical theatre and wanted to try film just to shake things up a bit; before you knew it, she fell in love with the craft. Juggling dance competitions, school plays and part-time jobs, she always made time to hit the books. At age 17 she graduated from high school and packed her bags to attend The Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, BC. Even with attending college six days a week, she pushed herself to commute from Victoria to Vancouver for auditions.

After the two-year program, she moved to Vancouver to pursue her career full-time. Louriza got her first break when she was cast in a guest appearance on The CW's Cult (2013) in 2013. Her film credits include Disney Channel's TV movie Zapped (2014), My Boyfriends' Dogs (2014), My Life as a Dead Girl (2015) and the feature Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014).



Year Title Role Notes
2014 Zapped Yuki Television movie
2014 The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story Teenage Girl #2 Television movie
2014 My Boyfriends' Dogs Tessa Television movie
2014 Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Andrea
2015 My Life as a Dead Girl Kayla Television movie
2015 Badge of Honor Kim


Year Title Role Notes
2013 Cult Libby 1 episode
2015 Make It Pop Jodi Mappa Main role
2015 Ties That Bind Shelby Filming


I’ve been involved in the performing arts in some way or another since I was little. I’ve done tap, hip hop, theatre classes, improve… the list goes on. I would go to dance class at seven in the morning and then start school at nine, and [once school was done at] three-thirty, I’d maybe have an acting or singing class afterwards. Performing has always been a huge part of my life, but when it was time to start thinking about post-secondary schooling, I did have my doubts. I had applications for massage therapy and cosmetic schools on my desk, but I’m so thankful I didn’t send those out!
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
My parents are my biggest fans. They were the ones who drove me from lesson to lesson, and they were always positive. They were front row and centre for my competitions. My brothers, RJ and Eman, are the first people I call or text when I’m feeling down about an audition or am just feeling really discouraged in general. They remind me that there are so many other career choices out there that are just as competitive, and that I just have to keep going. My family definitely inspires me.
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
CCPA taught me so many valuable things as an actor and an artist. One of the biggest things they taught me, that I believe is really unique in an institute, is time management. In college, I was literally at school six days a week for twelve hours every day—sometimes even a couple hours more. It taught me to value my time and use it wisely. I was so busy with school all the time that now, when I have a bit of down time, I sometimes don’t know what to do with it!
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
My dream role for the stage is Anita from West Side Story. I write, so I’d love to put out my own film or play at some point. I also hope to finally have a dog of my own in a couple years or so. I’m thinking a French Bulldog!
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
I got the audition with the help of my amazing manager, Deb. I was originally up for the part of Taylor Dean and was living in Victoria, BC at the time so I self-taped. I didn't really think anything of it -- I didn't even know it was Disney at that stage! I was away on vacation when I had an inbox full of messages from my manager saying they wanted to bring me in for a callback. The next day I hopped on a boat and then a plane to Vancouver. I read for the director, Peter DeLuise, that day. A couple of days went by and I got another call saying that they wanted to see me for another role, Yuki. I went in for a second callback. They wanted to make sure I could dance so they asked me to do a couple of turns on the spot -- so I literally kicked off my heels and danced a hip-hop solo that I happened to remember from when I used to compete in dance. They were playing the Janet Jackson song off my iPhone and I was dancing on the carpet in a small room -- it was so fun!
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
I will definitely still remember all the lines then! I think I loved watching the story of a young lady finding out that she was born a princess. I mean, what little girl wouldn't love to be in her shoes?!
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
Both my parents are Filipino -- they moved from the Philippines to Winnipeg, Manitoba in their mid-twenties and that's where I grew up. My parents named me using my Lolas' (Grandmas in Filipino). My mom's mom is Lourdes and my dad's mom is Rizalina. They took half from each name and got Louriza! Both of my Lolas are super hard working, so I'm definitely proud to be named after them.
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
I use a lot of Sephora and Mac products. When I see a hairstylist I usually ask what their opinion is on what hair curler or hair crème to use -- it changes consistently. As long as I feel good wearing it and I have no allergic reactions it's all good.
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
I've had a lot of fantastic coaches and teachers who continue to support and push me as an actor. One of them is Andrew Mcilroy who I take classes with consistently. I always believe training is very important. It keeps me sharp and on my game especially in a competitive field. Andrew has always reminded me to put story before anything else. The story of a script is the most important; when in doubt while building a character he always asks, what helps the story? Go back to the story! Thank you Andrew.
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
No clue. I haven't really thought of that. I just know I want a couple of dogs running around.
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
If shaving my head helps tell the story of the character I'm playing then absolutely yes! I love having long hair but, it'll grow back so it's all good!
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
Oh, it's so fun. If I could, I'd do it more often! It's all based on personal preference on how you'd like to prep for it and how you'd like to present yourself. I love being hands on and love getting involved as much as possible with whatever project I'm doing. I love blasting music during shoots. It definitely brings out energy with you and it takes the pressure off of trying to make things "perfect". It also makes me dance in between takes so that's sweet.
—Louriza Tronco during an interview
Oh my goodness. My favorite breed changes like every week! It's kind of ridiculous. Growing up I loved Shih tzus. Then I saw one with really long hair and a bow and I wasn't really into that. Then I started to print out pictures of golden retrievers but I know they shed a lot and they're also almost bigger than me, so that's a thing. Recently, I've been getting really excited every time I see a French Bulldog walking down the street so that's this week's fave.
—Louriza Tronco during an interview


  • Her parents are both Filipino.
  • She grew up loving shih tzus.
  • She prefers having long hair.
  • She loves to go on many adventures.
  • She loves to go hiking.
  • She is willing to shave her head if it tells the story of the character.
  • She thinks press photo shoots are fun and is willing to do them more often if she can.
  • She wants a couple of dogs running around her dream house.
  • She has no allergic reactions.
  • She is allergic to cats.
  • Her most embarrassing moment is having to kiss Dale Whibley because everyone made jokes about it.
  • She use a lot of Sephora and Mac products.
  • She got her name from her dad's mom's name, Rizalina, and her mom's mom's name, Lourdes.
  • She still remembers the lines from The Princess Diaries.
  • Her parents are her biggest fans.
  • She has done tap, hip hop, theatre classes, improve, and more when she was little.
  • She has two older brothers.
  • Zapped is her first movie role, as Yuki.
  • She, along with Megan Lee is a Harmonizer (A Fifth Harmony Fan).[1]
  • She sprained her ankle during the filming of Season 2 of Make It Pop.[2]
  • She really wants to have a french bulldog as a pet.
  • Her favorite food is sushi.
  • In an interview, her favorite episode from Season 1 is Stolen Moves.
  • Louriza along with Megan is a fan of the dance group, Kinjaz.
  • Louriza has attended at the Leo Awards twice.
  • She also had taken up an interest in other hobbies like archery.
  • As of July 15, 2016, Louriza along with Megan and Dale are currently in Singapore attending the Nickelodeon Slime Cup.


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