Valerie's cheer made my heart hurt. Her cheer made my confidence low. And that cheer hurt my brain.
—Sun Hi, Corki and Jodi describing Valerie's cheer.
Love and Detention[1] is the eighteenth episode of Season 1 of Make It Pop. The episode aired on April 29, 2015.


The group finds themselves in detention two days before the play's premiere; Valerie pitches a new version of the play, Mr. Stark arrives on Broadway, Jared tried to apologize to Corki about the bet.

Full Summary

The school principal punishes Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki, Caleb, Jared and Dylan for the egg fight in the gymnasium by giving the students detention. Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki, Caleb, Jared and Dylan are required to clean the entire gymnasium, scrape all the gum underneath the desks and tables and then wash the desks and tables inside a classroom. The school principal also tells the students inside the gymnasium that the school play will most likely be cancelled when it premieres in three days since it is not yet completed. The school principal monitors Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki, Caleb, Jared and Dylan inside the classroom sporadically and takes away all their cellphones. Valerie manages to talk her way out of cleaning the gymnasium and avoids detention. Jared continues to apologize to Corki for the bet he made and tells her he wants to date her again. Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki, Caleb, Jared and Dylan argue among themselves about the possible school play cancellation and their relationships inside the classroom. Meanwhile, Sun Hi has a backup cellphone to view web clips of the Broadway show titled "Stark Raving Mad." The Broadway show titled "Stark Raving Mad" does not appear to be successful for the theater arts teacher. Valerie suggests to the school principal that the school play should be changed to include her cheer leading squad. The school principal continues to make plans for the swimming pool that will be inside the school next school year. In the end, Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki and Caleb make plans to remove Valerie and her cheer leading squad from the school play.


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  • Jared likes Corki in this episode.
  • Corki still hates Jared.
  • Valerie changes the play completely.
  • Jared, Caleb, and Dylan sing for the first time in the episode.


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