Megan Lee (Hangul: 이혜린; RR: Lee Hye-rin) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress most known for her singing talents on YouTube. From February 2013, Megan Lee was signed to Kim Tae-woo's (former lead singer of g.o.d) label, Soul Shop Entertainment up until November 2014. Megan Lee is currently a member of XO-IQ, featured in the Nickelodeon series Make It Pop.

History [1]

Lee officially began her professional career in acting, singing, and dancing at the age of 10. She has appeared in numerous national commercials including spots for McDonald's, Verizon, and Nintendo (the Nintendo DS), Bratz, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, Trix as well as TV programs such as the Crash TV series, Kidz Bop, Nickelodeon's iCarly, Nickelodeon's Kid Choice Awards, Disney's Get Connected, 3 Minute Game Show & various independent film projects, and most recently, South Korea's popular show, MBC Star Audition - The Great Birth (위대한 탄생) Season 1 (and Season 2) on one of South Korea's main broadcast networks (MBC). On Season 2 of MBC's Star Audition, Lena Park personally selected Megan over a number of other competitors to be Megan's mentor. She also finished in the Top 13 of contestants at the end of Season 2.

Film and television [2]

Megan Lee is starring in a Nickelodeon show entitled Make It Pop. She is one of the show's three main stars and will be playing a character named "Sun Hi Song". The series is being co-produced by Nick Cannon.

In 2008, Megan had won the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Best Speech Contest at the 2008 Kids' Choice Awards. Megan Lee played Hyori in the Short Film/Music Video, My First Crush, directed by Rocky Jo, with Arden Cho starring as the older Hyori. Also in 2008, Lee starred as "Julie" in several episodes of Disney's TV Series, "Disney Get Connected." She also played "Ji Sun" in an episode of Crash alongside Dennis Hopper, Tom Sizemore, Brian Tee and Kelvin Han Yee.

Music [3] [4]

Lee writes her own original songs and released three singles as an independent artist, "In The Future", "Love, Laugh & Live" and "Destiny." "Love, Laugh & Live" was Megan's first official music video and was shot and directed by Steve Nguyen. "Destiny" was also made into a music video, and was directed by Timothy Tau. Megan Lee has also released a music video and track with Kim Tae-woo entitled "Oppa".

Megan's official debut track during her time on Soul Shop Entertainment was entitled "8dayz" (read as 8 Days), which was released on May 15, 2014. The track features B2ST's Yong Jun-hyung, and is also composed by German composers Andreas Bärtels and Rüdiger Schramm, who also composed a track for veteran K-pop singer Nami.

Megan Lee and her vocals are also featured in the g.o.d reunion track, "The Story of Our Lives." The music video for the song was released on July 11, 2014, and is the first time the band g.o.d has sung together in over 10 years.

On November 10, 2014, Megan Lee filed a civil lawsuit with the Seoul District Court against Soul Shop Entertainment requesting nullification of her 5 year contract. Megan, along with her representation, claimed that she was severely verbally abused by some of the members of management, and that intimidation tactics were used to impose their will on her career. She also claimed that a contract was signed on her behalf without her consent, a fraudulent bank account in her name was made without her consent, and that the financial activity regarding her career with Soul Shop was not made transparent as it was promised to her in their initial agreement with the label.

In March 2015, Megan Lee became a member of XO-IQ. While filming for both Season 1 and 2 of Make It Pop, Megan has active YouTube channel posting covers of popular songs today, BTS video, etc. She has also been active on live broadcasting apps like periscope and YouNow, and also had some solo concerts in the past month in NYC and Singapore.

YouTube [5]

Megan is most likely known for her covers of songs which she posts onto YouTube. Among the songs she has covered that have received significant views include a cover of Christina Aguilera's "I Will Be", Bruno Mars' "Lazy Song", Lil Wayne's "How to Love", Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill you)" and others. She has also covered other songs and collaborated with other YouTube artists, for example, in 2011, she covered "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green with Arden Cho. In 2011, Megan also won 2NE1's "Lonely" Cover Contest with her cover of 2NE1's single "Lonely", and was flown to Korea to meet with the group. She also made a cover of Adele's "Someone Like You" on YouTube with Sungha Jung. In 2012 she won a Cover Contest sponsored by Jason Mraz and Warner Music Korea, and collaborated with Mraz in a duet for his track, "Lucky" which is viewable on YouTube. She has also performed and recorded a number of duets with acoustic guitarist Sungha Jung, covering famous K-pop songs such as "Monster" by BIGBANG.


The producers of the show made it very colorful, fun and very bright K-pop imagery -- like some concepts by Girls' Generation and f(x) -- and they added that on the show fashion, hair and makeup and things like that. You won't see it in every part of the show, that it's inspired by K-pop, but [when] you can see it, it's obvious. Some production numbers we have outfits inspired by actual K-pop stars. There's this one outfit like f(x)'s "Rum Pum Pum Pum" video outfit. There's this whole plaid, red and white concept and we actually got inspired by that. You can see that as an obvious inspiration to K-pop idols.
—Megan Lee during an interview
Well, it has been my dream since I was very little to be able to sing, dance and act all in one project so in Make It Pop I was able to do that all that.
—Megan Lee during an interview
Well, of course, there's the language. I have more experience working in the Korean industry, but compared to English, Korean is not as comfortable. Of course, there are different cultures which took some adjusting to at first. Like, there's the whole you have to bow in front of your elders, you have to show lots of respect and it's all about being very, very humble to appeal to Korean audiences. So, I definitely had to stay very grounded and, of course, no matter where you go you have stay humble and stay grounded, but in Korea they really look at that as so important when it comes to an artist or an actor so that was the biggest thing to adapt to versus the American industry.
—Megan Lee during an interview
It's been a really crazy roller coaster for me. Um, going to Korea felt so surreal. I've always wanted to go to my mother country, be closer to my heritage and learn the language and everything like that. So, I mean, being back here in the States, it feels the same way. I feels awesome coming back to where I was born and raised and working on an amazing TV show. I came back as a new person, I think. I would think so. When I went to Korea I was 15. I'm 19 now, I grew a lot as a person, as a musician, as an artist. I learned so many things and I met so many great people so I felt like, coming back here to L.A., I feel like a new person. I feel ready for the upcoming projects that I'm working on. I feel more mature, more prepared for other things.
—Megan Lee during an interview
As a K-pop fan myself, I completely understand from where they were coming from and what they mean. Of course, because it's not Korea and this is America, people can portray K-pop in different ways. I see how they are worried that is K-pop going to be, you know, shown to other people in a different way, in a negative way. I completely understand what they mean. That's why I made a few YouTube videos saying this is not a K-pop show and we're not trying to represent K-pop in any way. The show is inspired by K-pop and I'm trying to say like whatever outfits we wear, whatever kind of music that we do, the way we act, we're not trying to say "This is what K-pop is all about, this is how K-pop fans act." I just wanted to clear that up.
—Megan Lee during an interview
I'm so glad to see more diversity on television, not only for Asians, but for all ethnicity in general. I hope everybody takes the steps to see more diversity in the future. As for the Asian male lead, I heard some things about that and some people kind of misunderstood and got slightly offended. We do have Asian male characters in the show, I want to make that clear, we might not have an Asian male lead, but that was not specifically cleared out that way. We're not trying to exclude Asian males in any way. The casting kind of went that way. It was an open-ethnicity casting call. It was not even meant to be three Asian female leads either. It was all open ethnicities and, from what I've heard, whoever portrayed the role right got the part. It's not specifically "This is a Caucasian role, this is an Asian role, this is a whatever role."
—Megan Lee during an interview
I would never say I never really left Korea or left the Korean industry. I just simply here to work on this show and, you know, I feel like I belong in both places because I am Korean-American. So, if there's a chance for me to do that, I would love to if there's work for me. I'm always open to going to different places and working worldwide. That's always been my dream since I was young. So, yeah! I would love to go back to Korea and work on music or acting.
—Megan Lee during an interview
Oh gosh, it was a huge honor. I was a newbie and to have Junhyung to be featured on my single, it was a huge honor. I feel like his rap really pumped up the song a lot. And, of course, g.o.d I've been a fan of ever since I was very young and to be able to feature on one of their title tracks, it was a huge, honorable experience for me. I will never forget it.
—Megan Lee during an interview
Oh my gosh, that is the hardest question ever! There are so many K-pop groups that I love. Of course, my all-time favorite group is 2NE1 so if they could somehow guest star in our show that would be amazing.
—Megan Lee during an interview
Always had a passion for acting since I could remember, but I started when I was ten going for short film and commercial auditions in Los Angeles with my mom’s help!
—Megan Lee during an interview
Super blessed & excited to be part of the Nickelodeon family! It’s amazing to be on a network I grew up watching!
—Megan Lee during an interview
I play Sun-Hi, a Korean-American girl who is a social media expert and dreams of becoming a worldwide star. Being on Make It Pop is so much fun because we get to sing dance and act all in one production which is a dream come true! Working with the cast and crew is also a blast!
—Megan Lee during an interview
I worked on Crash, the TV series, some Disney shows like Get Connected, Brain Surge & iCarly on Nickelodeon, but Make It Pop is my very first lead role in a series.
—Megan Lee during an interview
I love to sing, dance, and act so I guess I am one! Although I definitely think that I have tons to work on and I hope to grow as a performer everyday.
—Megan Lee during an interview
”8dayz” is my first Kpop single ever & it’s released in both Korean and English versions with lyrics about dreaming and creating your own imaginary 8th day adding to the seven days you have in a week! Its a very fun, free-spirited song that is intended to inspire people to live everyday like its a new day!
—Megan Lee during an interview
Yes, we’ll be releasing the music from Make It Pop soon with all of the songs we sing throughout the 20 episodes. I also hope to release my own music as well sometime.
—Megan Lee during an interview
Surreal~I met Jason Mraz when he had a concert in Korea as a cover contest winner of his songs! He was super nice to even tune the guitar that I also won from the contest for me and we decided to jam to one of his hit songs, ” Lucky”. I actually don’t remember how I was able to sing because I was so nervous at the time but it would also be a dream come true if i can have the honor to share the stage with Jason Mraz one day!
—Megan Lee during an interview
I watch movies and hang with my family, go shopping, love to cuddle with my dog, Happy, & write songs with my guitar!
—Megan Lee during an interview
I finished high school, so now I’m planning to take a few classes in college when I’m not working.
—Megan Lee during an interview
After moving back to LA, I definitely would love to go to school and do more music in between acting as well as finally learning how to drive!
—Megan Lee during an interview


  • She won the Best Speech Contest at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in 2008.
  • Megan Lee is a former Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award recipient, who has appeared on shows such as iCarly and Disney's “Get Connected.”
  • Megan has one younger brother and one younger sister.
  • Megan is a current member of LA Hip Kids in 2008 with which has performed numerous times at Universal City Walk & House of Blues. She is a great singer & dancer, as well.
  • She performed Kollaboration Acoustic 3 - Performance at Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles Aug. 2009.
  • She won Orange County Youth Talent Show 2009: Grand Prize Winner/ Vocal.
  • She is 2008 winner Award of Merit - Leading Actor on Tranquility at The Accolade.
  • She has Professional Martial Art training at XMA World Headquarters in North Hollywood, CA.
  • She used to attend Granada Hills Charter High School as freshman.
  • She, along with Louriza Tronco, is a Harmonizer (a Fifth Harmony fan).[1]
  • In an interview, Megan Lee's favorite episode from Season 1 is Homecoming because she has never really been to a real dance growing up.
  • She once stated in an interview with JustJared that Linc is basically the male version of Sun Hi.
  • Megan has helped co-write 3 of the new songs in Season 2 (All The LoveTomorrow Is Ours (song), and Situation Wild).
  • Her younger sister's name is Lindsey Lee and she also has a YouTube channel.
  • One of Megan's favorite singer is Tori Kelly.
  • Megan's favorite food is pizza.
  • Megan was the first to find out that Erika Tham's real first name is Jacqueline.
  • Megan Lee can do the splits as seen in the Make It Pop Walk That Walk Dance Remix.
  • Megan Lee has released many singles and albums during her musical career and now she will release a new single, Stronger on April 22.
  • Megan will be releasing an album presumably in late 2016 called #IAm.
  • Residing in NYC on Valentine's Day for the Toy R Us Toyfair, Megan decided to do a Periscope live stream after the event. During the stream she was with Dale, Vinson, and Alex. It was then revealed that during the stream she asked the fans if they had anyone special they are with during Valentine's Day. The fans asked back and Megan reveals that Dale, Alex and herself are single except Vinson.
  • To this day, Megan is still doing auditions. Unknown what she is auditioning for. It can be either acting or a music gig or both.
  • Megan Lee is affiliated with the society/YouTube Channel called IsaTv.
  • Out of the entire cast, Megan is the most interactive on social media doing things like promoting her music and interacting with fans.
  • Megan, along with Louriza, are fans of the dance group known as Kinjaz.
  • Megan did a song mashup of Season 1 songs (Make It Pop, My Girls, and Skillz) and did a song mashup of every song from Season 2 on her official YouTube channel.
  • As of July 15, 2016, Megan along with Louriza and Dale are currently in Singapore attending the Nickelodeon Slime Cup.



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