Mickeey Nguyen portrays Alex Phan on Make It Pop. He is a singer who has a youtube channel called, "Mickey Nguyen".


He writes songs in his channel. He is also a dancer and was part of a dance team called #TeamSuper


  • He has a YouTube channel.
  • Mickeey was also on a dance team with "Superwoman" aka Lily Sing.
  • In an interview, when he was asked to go to Make It Pop auditions callbacks he was on a dance tour and had to do it over Skype. Tommy (executive producer, writer of MIP) was on the call with Mickeey and he continued his audition. At the end of the auditions, Mickeey got the part and Tommy slid the camera over and to Mickeey's realization Megan, Louriza, and Erika were watching him audition the whole time and Mickeey was shocked and surprised. To this today, he can't believe that the girls were watching him audition for the part of Alex.
  • His birthday is December 28.
  • Mickeey has dyed his hair from blond back to black.[1]


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