Corki, I didn't let you come here to abandon your education. You're going home!
—Mr. Chang to Corki in Heart, Courage, Brains

Mr. Chang is a minor character in Make It Pop. He is the father of Corki Chang.

He is portrayed by Russell Yuen.


He doesn't talk much, but loves his daughter. He is shown to be strict, and cares very much about his daughter's education.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Chang is an aged man with brown hair and brown eyes. He usually wears a suit.


Corki Chang

Corki is the daughter of Mr. Chang. Corki listens to (almost) everything he says. 


Season 1

Season 2


  • He owns an international company. (Mr. Chang)
  • Corki thought her father won't want her to be in a band, and was proven right in the episode "Heart, Courage, Brains". 
  • He is mentioned in several episodes, but finally seen in Mr. Chang.
  • He loved Corki's performance and lets her be in the band. 
  • He owns many things, including the truck Jodi was stuck in. (Fashion Truck
  • He wants his daughter to follow her dreams. (Fashion Truck)
  • His wife also had a dream of music but she died before she could live it.
  • He takes Corki home at the end of Season 1 (Heart, Courage, Brains).
  • It is revealed in The Gift he was going to pick Corki and go to China but found out that there was a science competition (Think-Fest) so he let Corki stay to compete.
  • He dislikes Jared as revealed in The Gift.