I thought you were going to be the weird roommate.
Jodi to Sun Hi

"Rumors & Roommates"[1] is the first episode in Season 1 of Make It Pop. It aired to 2.4[2] million viewers.


Two prep-school girls, Sun Hi and Jodi, start life at MacKendrick Prep boarding school with big expectations and bigger dreams. They are curious about their third roommate, Corki, all of which might unravel because of a secret she refuses to reveal. In the series premiere of this comedy about a trio of diverse boarding-school students who bond over their love of music and become bandmates. Caleb causes problems for the residential advisor.[3]

Full Summary

The episode starts with Mr. Stark assigning people their rooms. After that, Caleb goes to his room and moves in. Sun Hi, on the phone for the Sun Hi Nation, is telling her fans about the school and what she plans on doing. Mr. Stark is telling students about a mandatory upcoming assembly when he hears Caleb's music through his door and sees what is going on. After getting a face full of smoke from some of Caleb's equipment, he tells Caleb that he is his freshman problem and leaves. While Jodi walks to class, Ms. Diona sees Jodi's clothing. She says it "goes beyond the school dress code". Jodi thinks it was a compliment instead and hugs Ms. Diona. Sun Hi comes into her dorm and selects the bed she wants by jumping on each of them. Jodi then enters the room and Sun Hi falls off her bed, but becomes interested with Jodi's fashion. They introduce themselves and start talking. After a couple minutes, government agents walk in, which also scare Sun Hi.

Ms. Diona comes in and explains why the government agents are here. They are here to make sure the room is safe for their third roommate, who hasn't showed up yet. The agents soon leave. In the next scene, Caleb is shown looking at the bulletin board for jobs. Three cheerleaders later show up. Valerie, who seems to be the leader, recommended Caleb to get a job at the roller rink. He immediately agrees. Jared, the student body president, comes walking up. Valerie and the cheerleaders leave to flirt with him. Mr. Stark announces through an intercom that the assembly will be starting.

At the assembly, Ms. Diona talks about Mackendrick Prep's history. Valerie suddenly jumps and yells "Go Mackendrick Prep!" then sits down to cheer with her friends. Mr. Stark then clears his throat and speaks. He starts talking about theater. Ms. Diona interrupts and whispers something into his ear. He then announces that there will be a school musical in a couple of weeks. Sun Hi becomes very interested and wants to be the lead. She then starts singing Now I Am Here in front of the crowd. When the song ends, it is revealed to be in her imagination. Mr. Stark then responds, saying no freshmen ever get to be the lead. Disappointed, Sun Hi sits back down. They head back to their room when they hear Caleb playing music. They talk for a bit until Sun Hi and Jodi see their mystery roommate and leave. They return to their room when Mr. Stark enters with two large crates meant for their mystery roommate. Sun Hi opens a crate and wants to find out who she (the mystery roommate) is.

Sun Hi and Jodi sneak out at night to find out their third roommate's identity. While looking into the office, they hear Mr. Stark and Ms. Diona coming, so they go inside an open locker. Ms. Diona sees the open locker and locks it, so they have no way out. The two of them leave. When they're in the locker, Sun Hi reveals that she is claustrophobic, meaning she's afraid of tight spaces. The locker smells like a rotten sandwich. The sandwich later touches Sun Hi's ankle, and they freak out.

In the morning, Jodi is found sleeping on Sun Hi and using her face as a pillow. Sun Hi wakes her up and posts a call for help numerous times. The bell rings and Caleb comes to open his locker. At first, Caleb opened the locker, didn't see the girls and closed it. Jodi knocks on the locker door and Caleb opens it again. He gets Jodi out first, and they lock eyes. Jodi helps Sun Hi get out after she and Caleb stop staring at each other. Caleb leaves and Sun Hi says that he is different, but Jodi says "in a kinda cute way".

Caleb arrives at the roller rink holding a sign that said "Help Wanted". A phone starts to ring and Caleb picks it up hesitantly. The owner of the roller rink communicates through phone, and Caleb accepts the job of being the custodian. He messes around a bit and knocks a piece of the wall off on a raised part of floor and discovers a stage.

While heading to their room, they hear the new roommate, who Sun Hi thinks is a spy. Jodi and Sun Hi walk in and finally meet their new roommate, Corki Chang. The next morning Jodi and Sun Hi find out that they woke up late and Corki doesn't even have a class in the morning. Jodi and Sun Hi start to walk to class when Sun Hi forgets her phone and when she goes back to their room, she hears Corki playing violin. They all start singing Spotlightz while Sun Hi records it on her phone. She puts it on the web right before Corki tells her not to.

Songs Featured


Sun Hi: Woo! No. Uh huh. Mine! Called it! O-M-G who dresses you?
Jodi: I do. Jodi street couture.
Sun Hi: Shut up! Get out of my world! Talk to me. I record everything. For the Sun Hi Nation. I'm Sun Hi, b-t-dubs.
Jodi: I'm Jodi. What's the Sun-Hi Nation?
Sun Hi: My fans. I have 72. Mostly relatives, but the nation is growing.
Jodi: You have fans? What do you do?
Sun Hi: I sing, I dance. Make people jealous.
Security: Nobody move.
Sun Hi: Ah!

Sun Hi: No freshman leads? Like I'm going to listen to a man that has hair that looks like an old birds nest.Everyone knows if you're going to rock the nest, you have to go all out.
Jodi: Duh!
Caleb: You like my sound?
Jodi: Your beats are sick.
Caleb: Wait, not sick like my Nana's old cat Maurice.
Sun Hi: No, the good sick.
Caleb: Caleb Davis.
Sun Hi: I'm Sun-Hi. This is Jodi. There she is! Our mystery roommate! Gotta go! Got anymore of that good music?
Caleb: I've got plenty! Talking to girls isn't so hard. Keeping them around, another story.

Caleb: Hello? How did you know I wanted a job? Oh yes, the sign would give it away. Yes, I'm looking for a job. Preferably something that can utilize my song writing skills and sensitive artistic nature. Custodian? I'll take it. Thank you. Yes! This place has killer sound. Oh. Whoa! What is this? Oh, yes sir those salt shakers are family heirlooms, right and I will be sure to fix that tinsy little bit of wall damage. Don't you worry. Noted. You don't worry. I worry. Anyone who practices slow motion walking is definitely not cute. You're unbelievable. Thank you! I enjoy your company too.
Sun Hi: She's here. Ahem.
Corki: Hi. I'm Corki Chang, your new roommate.
Jodi: I'm Jodi. This is Sun-Hi.
Sun Hi: Are you famous?
Jodi: Sun Hi.
Sun Hi: Come on! We're sisters in dorm life. We need a circle of trust and if she's famous Oh. Designer. I need to know so I can use it to my advantage.
Jodi: Don't mind Sun Hi. She's weird.
Sun Hi: Not weird, weird, just unique weird. You play that? Since I was 4.
Corki: My father wanted me to.
Sun Hi: Well, my father wanted me to be a boy, but I think disappointment is good for parents. Keeps them guessing.
Corki: Look, you two seem nice but you probably won't be seeing much of me. I'm here to study hard and get into an American university.
Sun Hi: You're right! She's not a spy, she's an alien.
Jodi: Sun Hi come on!
Sun Hi: I can't see. Oh. That's better.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Corki gets introduced in the half episode so she is not a cast member after being announced at first.
  • The music of Skillz can be heard playing when Caleb is playing music in his room, and the music of Party Tonight can be heard playing after the assembly.
  • All the main characters' last names was revealed expect for Sun Hi's.
  • When Jodi asked Sun Hi what the Sun Hi Nation is about, Megan accidentally threw the phone she had in her hand recording Jodi/Louriza.[4]


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