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Season 2 of Make It Pop was announced on May 27, 2015 by Deadline. The season consisted of 20 episodes. The season premiered on January 4, 2015[2][3] and concluded on January 29, 2016.


Plot #1: Faced with bigger challenges and higher stakes in season two, XO-IQ has yet to reunite after a number of setbacks. Corki is in danger of being removed from Mackendrick Prep by her father, Jodi is deciding if she should pursue her love of fashion, and now that Sun Hi is clashing with hotshot guitarist Linc, it looks like XO-IQ might be over, until a new band competition and rival boy band emerge and change everything.[4]

Plot #2: The new year's bringing new drama at MacKendrick Prep. The hit pop group XO-IQ has broken up and the girls have gone their separate ways. With Jodi and Corki busy exploring other interests, it looks like the band might be done for good. But Sun Hi hasn't given up her dream of stardom! When new faces join the stage, fevers will rise and sparks will fly.

Get ready for new battles, new music and new boys. No matter what happens, you can't stop the pop!


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# Image Title First aired
1 Think (1) Think January 4, 2016
Corki creates a robot for Think Fest. Meanwhile, Sun Hi holds auditions for a new band; and Jodi competes against Alex for an internship in the fashion industry.
2 Capture-20160106-170510 Robomania January 5, 2016
Sun Hi ponders going solo with her career. Meanwhile, Jodi's internship leads to friction with Caleb; and Corki makes Chip more flamboyant.
3 MIP 203 17MR My Way or the Highway January 6, 2016
Corki can't find her robot, not realizing it's with Caleb and offering him advice on his love life. Elsewhere, discord erupts when Sun Hi and Linc try a duet.
4 MIP 204 17MR Oh, Boys January 7, 2016
Sun Hi and Linc attempt to get past their differences. Meanwhile, Chip feuds with Jared; and Caleb arranges some romantic surprises for Jodi.
5 MIP 205 07MR Potato Power January 8, 2016
Sun Hi gets fed up with Linc. Meanwhile, Corki competes in Think Fest with Chip as her entry; and a calamity erupts at Hye Jung's store thanks to Jodi, Caleb and Alex.
6 MIP 206 08MR The Mirror January 11, 2016
Sun Hi's sister visits for family week. Meanwhile, Jodi handles the fiasco at Hye Jung's store; and Jared attempts to win favor with Corki's dad by demonstrating his skills with magic.
7 MIP 207 07MR It's a Twin Thing January 12, 2016
A twin war erupts between Sun Hi and her sister. Meanwhile, Corki snoops on Linc's new band; and a busy Jodi must devote time to her internship and get acquainted with Caleb's parents.
8 MIP 208 11MR Fashion 911 January 13, 2016
Corki saves the day when she secures a fashion-show venue for Jodi. Elsewhere, Sun Hi meets with Caleb's new agent to negotiate for a hit song.
9 MIP 209 05MR Spring Fling January 14, 2016
Jodi unveils her new design to Hye Jung. Meanwhile, Sun Hi learns about part of Linc's background; and Corki assists Jared with his college-acceptance letters.
10 MIP 210 03MR Submission Impossible January 15, 2016
An elevator breaks down while Jodi's in it with the drummer for Linc's band. Elsewhere, Sun Hi, Corki and Heather rush to finish a Band Blast submission for XO-IQ.
11 MIP 211 03MR Scuttlebutt January 19, 2016
Jodi deals with gossip. Meanwhile, Sun Hi begs DJ Maxwell to allow XO-IQ to enter Band Blast; and Corki and Jared get to spend some time bonding.
12 MIP 212 04MR Triangles January 20, 2016
Corki rounds up roadies for the band. Meanwhile, Mr. Stark takes on the role of band mentor; and Caleb and Heather scheme to make Jodi jealous.
13 MIP 213 02MR Get on the Bus! January 21, 2016
The bus for Band Blast leaves without XO-IQ or Linc's band. Meanwhile, Jared graduates, so he and Corki test the waters of having a long-distance romance.
14 37 Reality Bites January 22, 2016
The kids are interviewed by a producer who has his own agenda.
15 MIP 215 02MR Band Blast Off January 25, 2016
Rival bands compete in a band-duet challenge, but off-stage shenanigans occur and cause problems.
16 MIP 216 01MR Staged and Confused January 26, 2016
A rival band swipes a song from XO-IQ. Meanwhile, Sun Hi struggles to stay focused on the band; and Jared's erratic behavior annoys Corki.
17 MIP 217 01MR Excess Baggage January 27, 2016
The bus breaks down on the way to Band Blast, so Linc and Sun Hi try to find cell-phone service while Jodi and Corki make sure everything is under control with their fellow passengers.
18 MIP 218 13MR Im-Prom-Tu January 28, 2016
Anxiety about the prom builds and an unexpected issue arises for Sun Hi and Linc. Meanwhile, Jared snoops on Corki and Alex.
19 MIP 219 05MR Looking for Trouble January 29, 2016
In Part 1 of the two-part second-season finale, XO-IQ get ready for a major performance as relationships are tested.
20 ReallyItsOver Really? It's Over? January 29, 2016
In the conclusion of the two-part second-season finale, XO-IQ get ready for a major performance as relationships are tested.

List of Songs in Season 2


  • This is the second season of the series.
  • At the end of season 1, the cast announced that there will be a season 2.
  • Matt Baram directed an episode in this season.
  • This season consisted of 20 episodes. [5]
  • 3 main characters joined the cast this season, Linc Harrison, Alex Phan, and Darmala.[6]
  • Production lasted from August 24th to November 27th outside.[7]
  • The lead cast auditions were held from June 5, 2015 to June 18, 2015.[8]
  • An extra episode, "The Gift" aired in between the two seasons on December 5, 2015.
  • The season premiere was on January 4, 2015.
  • A new album released, Tomorrow is Ours which includes new songs from Season 2.


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