The Spirit Squad is a group of cheerleaders at Mackendrick Prep. Fierce, confident, and self-coincided, Valerie is the leader of the squad, and will not let anyone get in her way of maintaining her title.


  • Valerie Graves is the central antagonist in the series. She is the senior class "It Girl" and Captain of the "Spirit Squad." Quick-witted, beautiful, and honest to a fault, Valerie loves to be underestimated. Always followed closely by her sidekick Heather and the cheerleading "Valettes," little phases her... well, except for a few talented freshmen who turn up at the worst times, unable to share the spotlight with anyone and focused on winning Jared's attention, Valerie must constantly prove to all who really runs the school.
  • Heather Duncan is the secondary antagonist in the series. She is friends with Valerie and is one of the members of the Spirit Squad at Mackendrick Prep. She is shown to be fierce, snobby, and not the brightest girl on Planet Earth.


  • Valerie stole Jodi's dance moves to impress Ms. Diona for the squad, and made the moves into her own.
  • The old dance was mediocre and very forgetful.
  • All of the members follow their starstruck leader, Valerie.
  • They made a new version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.