Summer Splash is a stand-alone special followed by Really? It's Over?. The special had aired on August 20, 2016, and is the series finale.


School’s out at MacKendrick Prep and XO-IQ band members Sun Hi, Corki, Jodi and DJ Caleb are spending their summer at the world-famous Sparkview Resort after winning a spot as the hotel’s exclusive house band. Tempers flare and friendships are tested when the resort manager tries to steer the group in a new musical direction. But with the support and inspiration from some special guests, the band must find a way to put on the show of the summer.

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Main Cast

Minor Appearances

  • Kolton Stewart as Jesse
  • Gavin Fox as Dino the Bodyguard
  • Hannah Vandenbygaart as Martina
  • Karen Holness as Ms. Diona

Guest Appearances[1]

  • JoJo Siwa (professional dancer and social media star)
  • Nancy O’Dell (Entertainment Tonight)
  • Chachi Gonzales (professional dancer and choreographer)
  • Zach Sang (radio and television personality)
  • DJ Maxwell as himself


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  • It is a special episode like The Gift.
  • It features 5 songs (3 new, 2 reprise)
    • This is the first episode to have 5 songs featured
  • It is an hour long special, just like Really? It's Over?.
  • This is also a continuation of Really? It's Over?
  • Two new "shipped'' couples are introduced in the special: Jodi and Jesse, and Caleb and Martina
  • This is the series finale of Make it Pop.

Songs Featured



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