Sun Hi Song-Lead Singer/ Dancer Sun Hi is funky, free-throw spirit and self proclaimed star on the rise.

Jodi Mapa-Singer/Lead Dancer/Choreographer/Costume Designer Jodi is strong, independent, and fierce.

Corki Chang-Singer/Dancer Corki is the brains of the group.

Caleb Davis-Disc Jockey Caleb is half boy, half sub-woofer, he's all music.


  • Sun Hi's Mom
  • Sun Hi's old babysitter
  • An unnamed aunt
  • Other relatives
  • Fans

Posts (known)

  1. Sun Hi's first day at Mackendrick Prep (Rumors & Roommates)
  2. Sun Hi and Jodi's first meet (Rumors & Roommates)
  3. A call for help (Rumors & Roommates; Got over 25 responses)
  4. The music video of Spotlightz (Rumors & Roommates)


Sun Hi: Vlog for you, journey of a high school freshman to chart topping k-pop star. Watch the dream as I live it. People! You're in my shot. I know it's the first day of school, but can we clear this hallway please? Hello? Coming through. Perfect.
Sun Hi: Shut up! Get out of my world! Talk to me. I record everything. For the Sun Hi Nation. I'm Sun Hi, b-t-dubs.
Jodi: What's a Sun Hi Nation?
Sun Hi: My fans. I have seventy two. Most are relatives, but the nation is growing.
Jodi: You have fans? What do you do?
Sun Hi: I sing, I dance. Make people jealous.
Sun Hi: O-M-G this is because of Sun-Hi Nation? Hashtag blushing.
Jodi: Wake up! You were snoring and using my face as a pillow.
Sun Hi: We're still in here? Yup. I just posted another call for help.
Jodi: Help I have gout
Sun Hi: Autocorrect. I meant help get us out!
Jodi: How about mentioning we're in a school locker or Mackendrick Prep? Anything that would help someone actually find us.
Sun Hi: People did find me. Over 25 responses.
Jodi: Apparently, your family is well versed in remedies for gout.
Sun Hi: Okay, but that won't do any good cause it already went viral! Okay, let's just all calm down Corki, if you're going to be in a band, people have to see you. It's the whole point of a band. You know, besides the music and all that.


  • She currently have 72 fans, still growing.
  • Most are relatives.
  • She records everything and posts it for her fans.
  • Sun Hi's mom was a charter member.