Our kiss was... great!
Jodi to Caleb
Talent Show Redux[1] is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of Make It Pop. The episode aired on April 24, 2015.


Jared gets dictatorial and the play suffers. Meanwhile, Caleb and Jodi must seek Jared's approval; and Sun Hi tries to help Mr. Stark, who's developed an obsession with his online fans.

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All other cast members of the school play do not approve of the changes Jared made to the school play. The school play changes Jared made are making Corki the lead female role, casting different parts for all other cast members, changing the story of the school play, giving Corki all the speaking lines and adding a dog as a new character in the school play. All other cast members of the school play quit the school play because they do not like any of the changes. Corki realizes the school play rehearsals she does and the changes made to the school play take up too much of her time and are not good things happening to all other cast members. Corki quits the school play because she wants to spend more time with her friends, focus on her school work and rehearse with her band members and their DJ. Meanwhile, after Sun hi started blogging about their theater arts teacher, the theater arts teacher creates an online profile. The theater arts teacher becomes obsessed with his online profile and has obtained hundreds of online friends. He spends day and night in his work office at the school posting information about himself and his past work achievements. Sun Hi realizes the theater arts teacher became obsessed with his online profile and became a computer zombie. After several attempts made by Sun Hi to persuade him to stop using his online profile, he comes to his senses to take charge of the school play again and fix the school play to make it even better than it has been before. Caleb and Jodi talk about their kiss. Caleb comes up with new music for the revised school play. Jodi draws new designs of clothing for the revised school play.


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