Who is responsible for this?
—Caleb lying
The Situation[1] is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Make It Pop. The episode aired on April 14, 2015. It aired to 1.56[2] million viewers.


Hazardous fumes force the boys to vacate their dorm floor and invade the girls' space. Meanwhile, Jared derails Sun Hi's plan to retrieve her phone; and Jared wants to unmask the Masked Girl.


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  • Sun Hi, Jodi, and Corki moved into Valerie's room, which is called the 'Val-Pod'.
  • Jared found out Masked Girl's true identity.
  • The air conditioner that caused the problem was the one "fixed" by Caleb in the previous episode.
  • Caleb and Jared moved into Jodi, Sun Hi, and Corki's room while the boys' floor was being fixed.


  • In Popular, Caleb looks at the girls when the alarm rings. In this episode, he comes down stairs and acts like he didn't know what happened.


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