XO-IQ is the main band in Make It Pop. The members consist of Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki, and Caleb. Vocals for the band’s songs were recorded by Megan Lee, Louriza Tronco, and Erika Tham in Toronto, Canada.

The band made two live appearances at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

  • One: At the pre-party for the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles, after being introduced by Nick Cannon with the main cast of XO-IQ
  • Second: At the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards with XO-IQ, and also with John-Alan Slachta (Jared Anderson)

XO-IQ has 2 YouTube Channels:

  • XO-IQ: With songs from both Season 1 and 2 with lyric and dance tutorials[1]
  • Make It Pop: With BTS (Behind the Scenes) videos, cast interviews, and a segment called "Pop Quiz" where the cast talks about an episode and how they felt about it[2]
  • Nickelodeon: With Music Videos of the songs performed in the show[3]


XO-IQ is a band formed by Caleb. When Caleb saw the girl's (Sun HiJodi, and Corki) video of Spotlightz, he loved it. Seeing the girl's talent, he gave them the idea to form a band. Caleb lied about having a club so he could get the whole gang to come and perform. Caleb later convinced his boss, Randy, to turn Ryker's Rink into a club and he renamed it Club Ry-Ri. Once he finished decorating the club,

XO-IQ Logo

Caleb invited Sun Hi, Corki, and Jodi to see it. The group enjoyed it and performed Party Tonight there. The legacy of the club was later continued, and XO-IQ now performs there. 


The fictional band XO-IQ -- stars of the Canadian television show Make It Pop! -- was formed by three friends at Mackendrick Prep boarding school and their DJ pal: Sun Hi Song (played by Megan Lee), Jodi Mappa (Louriza Tronco), Corki Chang (Erika Tham), and Caleb Davis (Dale Whibley). Performing kid-friendly, self-empowering songs inspired by K-pop and mainstream EDM, the group made its first live appearance in March 2015 at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, introduced by Nick Cannon, one of the show's producers. The show premiered that same month, running 20 episodes. In conjunction with the first season, four Make It Pop! soundtracks were released from April to May of that year, with a deluxe collection released that July. Two more albums -- All the Love and Tomorrow Is Ours -- were released later that year, as well as a television holiday special. Season two premiered in January 2016.


Sun Hi Song

Lead Singer/Dancer (currently)

Sun Hi is the lead singer and dancer of the group. She is a funky, free spirit and self-proclaimed star on the rise. Sun Hi is one of a kind. Accompanied by her one true love - her phone - she constantly blogs to the "Sun Hi Nation," updating them on everything and everybody in her life. When she discovers her magical connection with Jodi, Corki, and Caleb, her dreams seems even more within reach. Fueled by her need for fame and social media attention, Sun Hi's behavior causes all sorts of mayhem. A result of that is her initial rivalry with Corki due to the fact that Sun-Hi's parents wanted her personality to be more like Corki's. One thing is certain, this girl has little time for homework or boys, but who needs that stuff when you're the next pop sensation?

Jodi Mappa

Singer/Lead Dancer/Choreographer/Costume Designer (currently)

She is strong, independent, and fierce. Jodi has a keen eye for all things fashion and design. Combine these skills with her love for dance, she provides as essential ingredient in the band's makeup. Jodi brings her personal flare to the table, enhancing the band's pop/EDM look. Kind and thoughtful, Jodi is always ready to help a friend. Jodi's schoolwork tends to fall behind her fashion design and band priorities. This is something that puts her in hot water on more than one occasion.

Corki Chang

Singer/Dancer (currently)

She is the brains of the group. Having been home-schooled her entire life, Corki's new to the "socializing in a school environment" thing. She can speak Mandarin Chinese and is incredibly smart and musically gifted. Her inexperience in going to school with others frustrates her new roommates in many ways, but they love her all the same. Raised by a wealthy single father, Corki values her privacy and feels pressure to impress him. That is revealed in the first episode when calling her father and saying she will do well. However, she wants to be a regular teenager, so she's constantly at odds with herself and how to navigate these opposing worlds. Despite her inner turmoil, Corki is the perfect addition to XO-IQ. Her background in singing and classical violin truly elevates the band on every level.

Caleb Davis

Disc Jockey (currently)

Half boy, half sub-woofer, this kid is all music. A talented DJ, Caleb always has the right beats for every song. Accident-prone and music-obsessed, Caleb cannot sit still. His parents sent him to MacKendrick so he could focus on academics and settle down, but naturally he chose to do the opposite. One of the masterminds behind the creation of the school's newest musical treat, XO-IQ, Caleb often neglects life's most basic navigation tools like logic and common sense, but is chock-full of creativity. At his core, he's a good kid who's passionate, excitable, and always up for a good time.

List of Songs [1] on ITunes

Songs in Season 1

Songs in Season 2

  1. Walk That Walk
  2. Make You the One
  3. Tomorrow Is Ours (song)
  4. We Doin' It
  5. Back to Me
  6. Good Karma
  7. Where Our Hearts Go
  8. You Make It Better
  9. Music's All I Got
  10. Situation Wild
  11. Like a Machine
  12. Whispers
  13. Rock the Show
  14. Jump to It
  15. Gratitude
  16. All The Love
  17. Jing, Jing, Jingle
  18. Deck The Halls
  19. Video Stars



Make It Pop Logo (1)
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  • Mr. Chang forced Corki to stop the band in December. (The Gift).
  • XO-IQ is reunited in the episode (Potato Power).
  • Mr. Chang had told Corki that she could stay in Mackendrick and stay in XO-IQ, therefore XO-IQ is reunited in (Potato Power).
  • XO-IQ made 2 official performance and interactions with fans at YTV Beach Bash and NYC Playfair.
  • XO-IQ has their very own line of fashion dolls exclusive to Toys R Us.
  • According to the cast, the entire cast of Make It Pop is involved in a giant group chat together so all of them can keep in touch.
  • XO-IQ and Make It Pop are holding a worldwide dance battle.[4]
  • The Make It Pop Cast will be be guest starring in an episode of The Other Kingdom.